Flex-Dog Training Program

How does the Flex-Dog Training Program Work?
First, you must attend an Orientation Night (scheduled once a month, see Upcoming Classes for exact dates) where you will learn about; positive reinforcement training (Clicker Training), the human side of dog training (the mechanics), equipment needed for training, fun and easy new skills to begin teaching your dog, and more. There is no fee to attend an Orientation Night. Orientation Night is also when you will be able to select the Training Membership that will suit you and your dog's needs best. Training class nights are flexible enabling you to choose between two or three class times each week and the class you attend can change from week to week based on your schedule. Here are some more benefits for choosing the Flex-Dog Training Program:

  • No more waiting to start dog training classes due to needing a block of 6 to 8 weeks consistently free to attend the classes.
  • More time, more flexibility, more practice.
  • Enables families to accomodate dog training in to their schedules.
  • No more missing or forfeitting lessons & getting behind.
  • The program offers unlimited training so you & your dog get lots of practice while supervised.
  • 4 - Level dog training course.
  • Each Level introduces new skills while you still continue to practice the previous skills with more and more distractions.
  • You must meet specific skill requirements in order to move up to the next Level & you progress through the Levels at your own pace. 
  • Get as much or as little training as you want or need based on your own expectations for your dog.
  • Train as much as you like by signing up for the Training Membership that suites you best.
  • Work at your own skill level for as long as necessary - No falling behind since there is NO requirement to move up to the next Level.
  • Owners & dogs move in & out of each Level throughout the training & continue to work through the number of classes purchased at the new Level.
  • Take time off when you need to, just return to class at the same Level without the fear of falling behind. 
"Train with Your Brain"
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