Adriane reaches her goals!
I sought out the help of Dawn Lisabeth to get some one-on-one training for my 9mth old Great Dane Cuervo. I had taken her to a typical 10 week obedience training class at another facility and found that my puppy just wasn’t ‘getting’ the basics that my other 2 Danes took in so quickly, let alone getting her focused to do conformation training for showing. I did a one hour session with Dawn to learn the basics of clicker training and went home and practiced. The next week I did a half hour session with Dawn and I really saw the ‘wheels start to turn’. Cuervo started to really pay attention to me no matter where we were. I took her to her first show after our 3rd session and she took a Best of Opposite on the first day and Best of Breed over the #2 ranked Great Dane in Canada on the second day! One more half hour session with Dawn and another weekend of showing and my pup completed her Canadian Championship and ranked the #9 Great Dane in Canada handled by myself. I can’t say enough good things about Dawn and her training methods. She is calm, knowledgeable and very personable. Cuervo couldn’t wait to get in the truck to go for training. I highly recommend Dawn for any training needs. Thank you Dawn for giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to build a better bond with my dog and to reach my goals, I couldn’t have done it without you! 

Adriane, St. Thomas, ON

"Chip" Brings Joy!
"At the age of 66, my Toy Poodle pup is bringing me more joy than any other dog I have owned in my life. It is all due to Dawn Lisabeth and her Clicking with Canines classes. I unconditionally recommend her trainings.
Kallie & "Chip", London, ON

"Wizard and I are a Team!"
"Hi, my name is Margaret and this is my partner "Wizard". We have been in clicker training classes since "Wizard" was 6 months old. I have trained dogs before but never with a clicker. May I tell you what a wonderful and positive experience this has been for both of us? I often watch people work with their dogs and marvelled at the team work. Now I am proud to say "Wizard" and I are close to being that team. She loves to please and all the time we work her tail wags and lets me know she enjoys it too.

I am amazed at the positive approach and how quick she picks up new routines with the clicker to reinforce and let her know she did a terrific job. I am very proud of her and people marvel at her good behaviour. We are now on the road to achieving our Pre Novice Obedience and Rally-O Novice titles.

I thank Dawn and Clicking with Canines for giving me this ability to train myself and my pal while having such a fun and positive experience. I know "Wizard" and I will have a lifetime of team work and hopefully completion of our Obedience titles.
Marg & "Wizard", Brantford, ON

"Andrea &  Dora find time together truly enjoyable!"

Hi, My name is Andrea and I have been working with Dawn since my Rottweiler, Dora, was 12 weeks old. I have absolutely fallen in love with clicker training and am amazed at how effective training can be when using positive reinforcement. There is nothing more rewarding than watching your furry friend figure out what you are asking from them and performing a task successfully. Before meeting Dawn and starting classes with Clicking with Canines, I had never even heard of clicker training or the idea of using positive reinforcement in training your canine companion, but now that I have experienced its results, I would never consider training any other way. Dora and I have now successfully completed Level 2 Obedience and are starting to work towards competing in Rally Obedience and obtaining her Canine Good Neighbour certificate and the key is that we are both having so much fun.

Dawn has been an absolute asset to us. Not only have I found her classes effective, but over the past year and a half I have had many questions and every single time Dawn has had tips and advice to help along the way. Dawn is also handling Dora in the Conformation ring and I am happy to report that she has successfully earned her first point towards her Canadian Championship. Our time so far with Dora has been truly enjoyable on so many levels. I really do owe so much of this to Dawn and all the work and time that she has given us over the past year and a half.
Andrea & "Dora", Kerwood, ON

Litter Evaluations
Thank you very much for evaluating my litter of German Shorthaired Pointer pups!
I found your evaluation to be very informative in helping us to select puppies to keep for a breeding program.
You spent time with each puppy, ensuring that a thorough evaluation of their structure was done.
I greatly appreciated your time and your expertise!

Laurie Minielly, London, ON

"Sharon, with Nazca & Maya, appreciates Dawn's wise counsel!"
Dear Dawn, I would like to take a few moments to thank you for all the assistance you have given me over the past three years with my two Chinese Cresteds, Nazca and Maya. It was your wise counsel and training that helped me transform Nazca from a puppy who was frightened of her own shadow to a dog who will now approach people and ask for pats.

It is not only I who has been impressed with your skills at handling dogs in the show ring. Others at ring side have often commented on your skilled management of both Nazca and Maya in the show ring. I am convinced that it was your expertise that was largely responsible for both dogs attaining their championships while still in puppy classes.

I know that you were born with "dog in your blood" - since your mother has been in the business since you were born - but you seem to do it all. And your daughter, Devon, who handles Maya so well in Junior Handling, is rapidly coming up behind you.

Dawn, thank you again. And I look forward to collaborating with you for many more years as I not only show dogs, but train them for Rally or Agility or whatever other sport that might provide fun and challenge for both the dogs and me.
Sharon, "Nazca & Maya", London, ON

"Sarah liked learning how to show her dog Nina!"
When I was learning how to show dogs, I really enjoyed having Dawn Lisabeth as my trainer. I admit, when I first heard that my Mom had signed me up for a class that used clicker training, I was not too thrilled. I thought that the basic "treats and praise" method was best for my Havanese, and for me. But as soon as I met Mrs. Lisabeth, I liked her and the way she was teaching me. She was positive and friendly and knew a lot about dogs and showing them. My Mom and I were delighted to have found such a wonderful teacher, and we were even more excited whenshe went beyond the call of duty by giving us clips from magazines about our breed of dog and talking to trainers she knew that worked with Havanese. I would certainly recomend her to any one I knew for both conformation and obedience classes. I will look forward to working with her in the future.
Sarah, Mary & "Nina", London, ON

"Michelle learned to understand Daisy better!"
I want to personally thank Dawn for helping us with our dog, Daisy.

Daisy spent 2 weeks at a kennel last summer while our family was away on vacation. When I went to pick her up, I was shocked at how "depressed" she looked. The staff at the kennel told me that Daisy was agressive. I was horrified. We had used this kennel before. Apparently, Daisy had bit a staff member. I am not certain what provoked this, stress? mishandling? But, with 3 children at home, I was worried that our family dog had changed. Could I trust her around the kids? I got in touch with Dawn.

Dawn was terrific. She helped me understand Daisy and dogs better. My dog isn't aggressive. Anxious, yes, especially when she is away from her family. Dawn suggested options for us for when we went away again.

Daisy has been great! Thank you, Dawn.
Michelle & "Daisy" Strathroy, ON

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